‘Jaminkyung Snail Cream’ captured the hearts of soldiers
‘Jaminkyung Snail Cream’ captured the hearts of soldiers
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The World Defense Show (WDS), which is the world's largest defence exhibition in the Middle East, was held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from the 4th to the 8th of February.


During the exhibition, the Korean Patriot 'Cheongung-II' achieved a great feat by signing an export contract worth 4 trillion won with Saudi Arabia. This once again demonstrated the power of K-Defense to the world.

It is also interesting to note that with the recent spread of K-culture, interest in Korean cosmetics has increased and popular products have been introduced at military fairs.


Jaminkyung Co., Ltd. was the only Korean beauty company to participate in this defence industry exhibition, selling 'Jaminkyung Snail Cream', which has been sold at Korean military marts for a long time and has become very popular.


"Since its launch in 2013, Jaminkyung Crema Caracol Snail Cream has been consistently loved by soldiers and their families, with cumulative sales exceeding 11 million units in Korean military marts over the past 11 years," said Yoo Ji-eun, CEO of Jaminkyung Co., Ltd. "I'm proud to be representing Korea at WDS," she said.


In the meantime, Ja Min-kyung has been actively participating in and supporting various educational events and activities for Korean soldiers in recent times.

Ja Min-kyung has also recently used a former female soldier YouTuber as a model to further promote and support the military.

"We will create a more friendly, open communication with the soldiers and military families who have given us generous attention and love for over 10 years," said Jaminkyung's marketing manager. He added, "Jaminkyung will do our best to actively communicate with customers in the future.


[한국사회복지저널 강현구 기자]


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