Avenue CI Introduces Various Trust Plans to Cater for Different Financial Goals
Avenue CI Introduces Various Trust Plans to Cater for Different Financial Goals
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AVARUA, Cook Islands, Feb. 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Avenue International (Cook Islands) Limited ("Avenue CI") is delighted to introduce an array of trust plans, namely Cedar, Clover, Tiare and Plumeria. With their accessibility and affordability, these plans remove the financial barriers associated with trust setup and make it easier than ever for individuals with diverse financial objectives to leverage the asset protection capabilities of trusts.

Cedar, Clover, Tiare and Plumeria, the four brand new trust plans of Avenue International (Cook Islands) Limited, are developed with clients’ diverse circumstances in mind.

Trusts have long been perceived as a financial tool exclusively for the wealthy, but Avenue CI is dedicated to breaking those stereotypes and making trust benefits available to a broader clientele. These benefits extend beyond safeguarding assets to encompass a multitude of advantages inherent in Cook Islands International Trusts, including stringent fraudulent claim requirements, enhanced trust laws, non-recognition of foreign judgements, protection from forced heirship and settlor's bankruptcy, tax advantages, confidentiality, and protection for spendthrift beneficiaries. All these provisions, contained in Cook Islands' International Trusts Act 1984, provided unparalleled protection to trust assets with which few other jurisdictions can compare.

Cedar and Tiare are regular savings plans that can be initiated with a monthly contribution as low as US$250 for a contribution payment term of 5 to 25 years, suitable for those who want to gradually accumulate and potentially appreciate their assets over time. Clover and Plumeria are single contribution plans starting with a one-off contribution of at least US$20,000, ideal for those having short- to medium-term goals to realise but seeking to streamline their wealth management processes.

Apart from its affordability, diverse asset selection and appealing incentives, Avenue CI's trust plans also feature flexibility. Clients can choose the base currency from five options, make essential withdrawals, adjust the contribution amounts, transfer plan ownership, and pass on assets without going through the probate process. Additionally, clients can modify asset allocations and manage their accounts effortlessly through our straightforward online platform anywhere and anytime. Moreover, a 30-day cooling-off period is provided for clients to review the Terms and Conditions, reflecting our dedication to transparency and client satisfaction.

For the full features of each plan, visit Avenue CI's official website: www.avenueil.com.

About Avenue International (Cook Islands) Limited
Avenue CI is a licensed trustee company in the Cook Islands, offering integrated trust and wealth management solutions.

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