PABLO AIR Clinches CES 2024 Innovation Award for Urban Air Traffic Management Platform 'UrbanLinkX'
PABLO AIR Clinches CES 2024 Innovation Award for Urban Air Traffic Management Platform 'UrbanLinkX'
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SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PABLO AIR, a leading provider of UAV swarm control solutions, proudly announced its victory of the CES Innovation Award in the Smart City category for its Urban Air Mobility (UAM) traffic management platform, 'UrbanLinkX'.

Simulation screen of PABLO AIR’s UAM traffic management system ‘UrbanLinkX,’ winner of the CES 2024 Innovation Award.

The award-winning 'UrbanLinkX' is designed to efficiently operate and manage UAM, featuring functions such as reducing traffic management workload, improving economic viability, and mitigating operational risks. The platform includes key functions such as flight plan submission and approval, traffic flow management, and management of airborne communication quality. These features utilize corridor density metrics to ensure stable and safe UAM operations. Real-time visualization of aerial communication quality data in 3D graphics facilitates connectivity between aircraft and base station.

As UAM emerges as the next-generation transportation solution to address traffic congestion, it is also expected to resolve a wide range of human issues, including health, daily life, and local economies. Serving as an essential traffic management platform for UAM operations, 'UrbanLinkX' will act as a control center and governance tool, accelerating the integration of air taxis into everyday life and bringing about societal benefits.

PABLO AIR plans to showcase its technological capabilities at CES 2024 through a drone show and kickstart the overseas expansion of drone platform and shows. The company offers a diverse range of drone platforms for visually stunning drone shows, including small drones that ignite LED lights and fireworks simultaneously, large drones that create a fireworks tower, and high-speed drones simulating a meteor shower.

Kim Young-Joon, CEO of PABLO AIR, expressed, "Winning the Innovation Award with 'UrbanLinkX' is the result of global recognition of PABLO AIR's innovative technological capabilities on the world stage," highlighting the dedication of all technical personnel in solving humanity's current problems.


PABLO AIR, a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre), has consistently delivered a diverse portfolio of integrated drone solutions, encompassing UAV control systems, aircraft development, drone delivery platforms and services, as well as ICT drone shows since its entry into the UAV sector in 2018. The company has achieved significant milestones, including participating in drone delivery proof-of-concept initiatives in the U.S. and commercializing a camping area drone delivery service with 7-Eleven in Korea. Having achieved a cumulative fund of KRW 43 billion (USD 32 million), PABLO AIR is preparing for a prospective listing on the KOSDAQ stock exchange in the second half of 2024.

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