Yellow River Tour for International Media in China's Zhengzhou Promotes Cross-Cultural Exchanges
Yellow River Tour for International Media in China's Zhengzhou Promotes Cross-Cultural Exchanges
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ZHENGZHOU, China, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- To celebrate the profound culture of the Yellow River, promote international cultural exchanges, and expand the influence of Chinese civilization, the 2023 China (Zhengzhou) Yellow River Cultural Month officially kicked off on September 14 in central China's Zhengzhou city, with the "Henan, Cradle of China" Yellow River tour for international and local media launched at the Zhengzhou Site Museum of the Shang Capital.

International media journalists are visiting Shaolin Temple on September 15th

Media from the U.S., Italy, New Zealand, Russia, Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Azerbaijan, and more are joining leading Chinese media on a journey of discovery to understand Zhengzhou, Henan, and China through the lens of history. Following the launching ceremony, the media group took a tour of "The Might Capital of Bo: A Paragon of Royal Capitals and Roaring Currents - Exhibition of Stone Inscriptions and Rubbings in the Lu Xun Museum's Collection" at the museum.

"Zhengzhou is a landmark city of the Yellow River culture. In recent years, Zhengzhou is dedicated to building the brand of "Henan, Cradle of China" by hosting various activities in the Yellow River Culture Month for three years, which helps promote the cultural icon of Zhengzhou, 'the Center of Heaven and Earth, the Source of Chinese Civilization, and the City of Kungfu', in an all-around way," said Lv Tinglin, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhengzhou Committee.

The Yellow River, also known as China's "Mother River," is the second largest river in China and one of the longest river systems in the world. The three-day "Henan, Cradle of China" media tour includes visiting Zhengzhou Shang Dynasty National Archaeological Site Park, Zhengzhou Yellow River Cultural Park, the Imperial Mausoleum of the Northern Song Dynasty, Grotto Temple, Du Fu's Hometown Cultural Park, the Yellow River Museum, Shaolin Temple, and more for a comprehensive experience of learning about the Yellow River civilization, Chinese history, and Chinese culture from ancient times to the present.

Henan Province is the birthplace of Chinese civilization; its development and growth are strongly linked to and evolved with the Yellow River culture. Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province with a long history and rich culture, is developing rapidly with vigor and full strength, boasting tremendous potential and opportunities.

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