Metis Global Group Scoops Top Accolade in Trustee Services
Metis Global Group Scoops Top Accolade in Trustee Services
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HONG KONG , June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Metis Global Group is delighted to take home its fifth Excellence Award of Trustee Service trophy from the Chinese Edition of Bloomberg Businessweek's Financial Institution Awards. This recognition stands as a powerful testament to the exceptional trustee service we have consistently delivered and our contributions to the wealth management industry.

Mr Quentin Hau, Deputy Director of the Business Development Department of Metis Global Group (left), accepts the Excellence Award of Trustee Service.

After global disruptions, the world started recovering in late 2022. Emerging from the pandemic, Metis Global Group resumed communication with partners, injecting momentum into its development. The company has maintained and further improved the high-quality trustee services it has provided online in recent years, seeing constant progress.

Like any other company, Metis Global Group faced the challenges of the 2023 AI revolution. The company allocated ample resources to understanding the technology, integrating it into workflows, and upskilling employees to stay ahead. At the same time, Metis emphasizes the uniqueness of the trust business, stressing that human interaction cannot be overlooked in any aspect, from understanding client needs, developing optimal solutions, conducting due diligence, to providing after-sales service.

"Now that the world is back in high gear and keeps evolving, we haven't slowed down - and can't," said Mr Quentin Hau, Deputy Director of the Business Development Department at Metis Global Group. " Instead, we're making necessary hardware and software upgrades, scheduling more face-to-face interactions, and expanding our business landscape to provide more attentive service to more clients. We are honoured to be awarded the 'Trustee Services Excellence Award' again and believe our professional team deserves this recognition."

The year 2023 was also a year to be remembered for Metis Global Group as we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Rooted in Hong Kong, we expanded to the Cook Islands and Singapore. After building a vast clientele in Northeast Asia, we cultivate our presence in Southeast Asia, replicating our successful Northeast Asian model to bring affordable trusts to more regions.

As Metis Global Group's business thrives, the company is committed to giving back. Metis regularly donates to educational institutions, supports community programs, and provides financial aid to low-income families to nurture future leaders. The group is grateful for the Bloomberg award, which recognizes its contributions and solidifies its position in the trustee services sector.

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