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MACAO, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The fourth edition of BEYOND Expo 2024, themed "Embracing the Uncertainties," has soared to new heights, establishing itself as the definitive tech event in Asia. Held from May 22-25, 2024, at The Venetian Macao Cotai Expo, this year's expo achieved unparalleled international recognition, drawing a global audience and setting new records for participation and diversity.

BEYOND Expo 2024 showcased cutting-edge technological innovations while highlighting its unique strengths. Beyond the traditional tech showcases, BEYOND Expo presented groundbreaking projects in Asia across ConsumerTech, ClimateTech, and Healthcare. The event was marked by the global participation of guests, exhibitors, attendees, and media, truly making it an international affair. Additionally, the expo seamlessly integrated various elements, including celebrity appearances, entertainment, women in tech, and culinary experiences, making it a multifaceted tech festivity.

These aspects collectively positioned BEYOND Expo as the new pinnacle of Asian tech events, unparalleled in scale and diversity, drawing industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, investors and exhibitors from across Asia.

Key Numbers:

  • 20,000 attendees from 70+ countries and territories
  • 820 exhibitors, with 40% representing international companies
  • 7 stages featuring 250+ speakers and 160+ panel discussions and fireside chats
  • 600 investors, including 200 LPs and 150 family offices from 30 different countries
  • Presence of over 200 media outlets

Event Highlights:

Landmark Opening 

The Opening Ceremony featured influential leaders including Dr. Robin ZENG, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of CATL; Neil SHEN, Founding and Managing Partner of HongShan Capital; GUO Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International; LIU Qingfeng, Chairman of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.; XU Bing, Co-founder of SenseTime; ZHANG Wen, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Biren Technology; Siddharth CHATTERJEE, UN Resident Coordinator in China; and Jon CREYTS, CEO of RMI.

Key speakers at BEYOND Expo Opening Ceremony 2024

Unprecedented Attendance and Record-Breaking Exhibitors 

The expo attracted over 20,000 participants from more than 70 countries and territories and over 820 exhibitors, representing various industries and sectors. This confluence underscored the event's stature as a preeminent tech symposium, offering a myriad of innovation displays, industry leading discussions and networking opportunities.

BEYOND Expo 2024 exhibition floor

Expansive and Diverse Programming

BEYOND Expo presented a comprehensive agenda featuring seven stages and encompassing over 160 fireside chats and panel discussions, led by more than 250 speakers and moderators. Topics covered the three sub-brands: ConsumerTech, ClimateTech, and Healthcare, and extended to include the Global Investment Summit, SheTech Summit, Wealth Summit, Asia-Latam Tech Summit, Japan Tech Forum, Founders Forum and more.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – Special Fireside Chat with David Beckham and Grant Chum

Global Confluence 

BEYOND Expo 2024 achieved a significant milestone with the introduction of new agenda items covering different geographies, including the Asia-Latam Tech Forum, Japan Tech Forum, on top of the ORIGIN Asia Conference. These forums facilitated discussions on regional technological advancements and featured participation from government officials, investors, and founders, sparking new ideas and innovations. The expo also saw participation from distinguished guests from Europe, the US, Latin America, North Asia, Southeast Asia, and beyond, enhancing BEYOND Expo's international presence. Attendees engaged directly with global experts and industry leaders, expanding their networks and exploring collaboration opportunities.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – Asia-Latam Tech Forum


BEYOND Expo 2024 – Japan Tech Forum

Innovative New Sessions 

Introducing several novel sessions aimed to elevate the attendee experience, BEYOND Expo introduced Funds at First Pitch, a platform for startups to present their innovations directly to potential investors. BEYOND SheTech was dedicated to empowering women in technology, offering insights and strategies to support their advancement in the field. Additionally, the BEYOND Wealth Summit featured insightful sessions covering topics such as legacy preservation, next-gen wealth management, impact investing, art, philanthropy, and more, with esteemed experts sharing their insights and perspectives. Furthermore, the inaugural Founders Forum brought together entrepreneurial leaders to discuss industry trends and innovative strategies. These sessions not only enhanced knowledge-sharing but also fostered meaningful connections and collaborations among attendees.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – Funds at First Pitch (FAFP)


BEYOND Expo 2024 – Founders Forum

Enhanced Diversity 

This year heralded the highest representation of women in BEYOND Expo's history, with women constituting 30% of attendees. Moreover, the expo showcased innovative technologies that demonstrated how technology can empower and enhance the lives of underprivileged communities. This emphasis on diversity enriched the dialogue and perspectives shared throughout the event.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – How technology can empower and change lives

The Fun Continues 

Attendees had numerous opportunities to forge valuable connections while indulging in various activities, including Macao culinary delights at the Food Market, Breath Yoga Session by Siddharth CHATTERJEE, BEYOND Golf Tournament, Gala Dinner, and the Charity Poker Night. The fun also continued in the evenings with lively parties such as the Pool Party, the BEYOND x Magic Room Crew Party, and the BEYOND x Team Wang design Party.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – The fun continues at BEYOND Pool Party

Celebrity Entrepreneurs and Influencers 

Enhancing the allure, international celebrities and global influencers such as David BECKHAM, Stephon MARBURY, DENG Yaping, and Jackson WANG shared their unique entrepreneurial journeys, offering rare insights and inspiration to all participants. Their presence has elevated BEYOND Expo's status, contributing to its unique appeal and distinguishing it as a premier tech event in Asia, unmatched in its diversity and high-profile lineup.

BEYOND Expo 2024 – Fireside Chat with DENG Yaping

Strong Investor Presence 

BEYOND Expo solidified its reputation as a nexus for investors, attracting over 600 investors, including more than 200 LPs and 150 family offices from 30 different countries. An impressive collective of over 50 institutional investors, including endowments, pensions, corporate venture capitals, and sovereign wealth funds, also attended. This convergence of financial acumen and global perspectives underscores the summit's prominence as a hub for investment expertise.

Robust Media Engagement 

This year, over 350 media professionals attended, engaging with sessions focused on narrative creation, reporting, and content production. Esteemed regional and international media presence included CGTN, South China Morning Post, CNN, Bloomberg, Financial Times, TIME, and many more. Many of them served as panel moderators, offering unique insights and comprehensive coverage of the event.

Gratitude to Our Partners 

BEYOND Expo proudly acknowledged the support of over 100 partners, the most extensive array in BEYOND Expo's history. Their invaluable contributions were pivotal in fostering an environment where innovation and collaboration flourished.

Join us in looking forward to the future of BEYOND Expo, where technology and innovation continue to shape our world and cultivate connections that will define the future.

About BEYOND Expo 2024

The BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo (BEYOND Expo) is Asia's leading annual technology event. Serving as a dynamic platform since 2021, BEYOND Expo not only showcases global technological innovations but also provides a unique opportunity to foster innovation upgrades across diverse industries and regions. BEYOND Expo has attracted participation from Asia's Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, unicorn companies, and emerging startups. Through a multifaceted approach involving expos, summits, and various activities, BEYOND Expo has successfully cultivated an innovative ecosystem, propelling collective development in the Asia-Pacific region and the global technology innovation industry.

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