Omdia's 1Q24 research reveals 7.1% QoQ decline in public display shipments due to underwhelming demand in key regions
Omdia's 1Q24 research reveals 7.1% QoQ decline in public display shipments due to underwhelming demand in key regions
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LONDON, June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Omdia's latest Public Display Market Tracker 1Q24, global public display shipments fell to 1.28 million units down from 1.38 million in 4Q23. Despite the inconsistent global market, Asia & Oceania posted optimistic results with nearly 20% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) and 18% year-on-year (YoY).

However, the overall public display market for 1Q24 remains sluggish due to underwhelming performance in Western Europe, North America, and China.

In Asia & Oceania, public display shipments increased, driven by stronger demand for signage and information display in Australia (38% QoQ) and interactive flat panel (IFP)/touch display in India (59.3%). The demand for public displays in India is expected to continue. Following substantial spending on infrastructural developments in the past, the government is now focusing on initiating new policies and completing current development projects. Consequently, Omdia anticipates India's growth pace to be moderate in 2024.

In Western Europe, total public display shipments shrunk slightly to just over 299,000 units compared to 303,500 units in 4Q23. The region experienced weaker demand for IFP/touch displays (18.2% QoQ decline) as Germany and Italy posted significant quarterly declines of 19.9% and 41.6% respectively.

Public display shipments in North America continued a downtrend momentum, posting a 6.5% QoQ decline (4Q23: 19.9% QoQ decline). Demand across all product categories weakened, especially signage and information display and IFP/touch display. The region's signage and information display shipments declined from over 146,000 units to 138,000 units in 1Q24. Meanwhile, IFP/touch display shipments declined from nearly 109,000 units to 99,600 units in 1Q24.

China experienced declines in shipments across all its product categories on a quarterly basis, with IFP/touch display dropping to 37.8% to just over 165,000 units in 1Q24. Consequently, China's public display market share decreased for the third consecutive quarter to 20.5% in 1Q24, falling behind Western Europe (23.3%). Nevertheless, the region is expected to recover throughout 2024 aided by improving consumer behavior and government financial support.

"From a branding perspective, LGE saw a 20% increase in public display shipments in 1Q24, totaling over 154,000 units shipped, globally commented David Chai, Research Analyst in Omdia's ProAV practice. "All of LGE's product categories experienced double-digit growth, primarily in Western Europe, North America and Asia & Oceania. LGE's top selling models in 1Q24 =were the 43UH5J-H (7,402 units shipped) and 55UL3J (5,944 units shipped)."

In contrast, Samsung endured a sluggish 1Q24, posting a 4.7% QoQ decline in global public display shipments, largely due to weak demand for its signage and information displays. Just over 290,000 units of its signage and information displays were shipped globally (4Q23: 306,000 units). Among its key regions, only Asia & Oceania saw positive QoQ growth of 4.6% in 1Q24.


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Fasiha Khan 

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