Pingxiang: Inspiring Global Content Creators with Its Wugong Mountain and Smart Agriculture
Pingxiang: Inspiring Global Content Creators with Its Wugong Mountain and Smart Agriculture
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PINGXIANG, China, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- From May 28 to 31, a delegation of over ten journalists and vloggers from seven countries gathered in southern China's Pingxiang city, attending the "Meet Pingxiang, Enjoy Wugong Mountain— —My China Story, Fascinating Jiangxi" event. These content creators from the UK, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia were exploring Pingxiang's industrial development, smart agriculture and natural beauty of Wugong Mountain.

A photo of journalists and vloggers on the Wugong Mountain

In the Nanzheng Street in Anyuan District of Pingxiang, where ancient streets, city walls, blend with Ming and Qing dynasty architecture, the delegation experienced the "living fossil" of Chinese folk art "shadow puppetry" and tasted the intangible cultural heritage, Anyuan sugar painting.

Venezuelan vlogger Rafael was impressed by the sugar painting for its exquisiteness and sweet taste. The shadow puppetry reminded Ukrainian vlogger Karina of her childhood as her mother would take her to the similar puppet show in her country. Park Da-il, a vlogger and foodie from South Korea, was fascinated by the spicy "lotus blood duck," a local specialty recommended by his followers.

In Xiangdong District, the "Hometown of Nuo Culture," the delegation learned about the 3000-year-old tradition from the Nuo dance and the carving of Nuo masks. They also visited the Xiangdong National Modern Agricultural Industry Park, which accounts for nearly 20% of the national rice seed supply.

Wugong Mountain, a name card of Pingxiang and a highlight of the trip, amazed the delegation with its unique alpine meadows, which appeal to the users on social media for the "grassland in the clouds".

After the trip, a seminar involving the delegation and 40 young locals provided insights on promoting Pingxiang's stories. Kaida, a Hokkaido Shimbun journalist, highlighted the impact of smart agriculture in China.

Through the event, these journalists and vloggers witnessed and experienced Pingxiang's historical heritage and modern development.

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